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Shopping For Tweens

Buying clothes for tweens can be tricky. Many styles can seem too young and babyish for a child who is growing in independence and wants to wear more grown-up clothes. Many clothing styles aimed at teenagers are perhaps too showy or provocative for a younger child to wear.

There is intense pressure on young people to keep up with the latest fashion and trends because of peer pressure from friends and social groups. Clothes which they loved to wear one month may no longer be suitable to be seen in the next. But experimenting with different looks is all part of growing up and creating a personal sense of style.

When shopping, it is easy to tell what styles are currently in fashion by looking at the window displays and seeing what most of the shops are stocking. You can also pick up great looks and ideas from fashion magazines. Think about the types of clothing they like and the colours which suit their skin tone and hair colour. Try clothes on when shopping and mix and match different items for different looks. Ensure that the pieces you buy can go with more than one other item of clothing so that they get more use.

Dressing for your body shape will make all clothes look great. Patterns can change the look of clothes. For example, horizontal stripes will make a top look wider than it is, flared jeans or trousers make the legs look longer and straight-cut jeans with a high waist will make them look shorter. Leggings or jeggings suit most people and can be worn with boots during the winter months or ballet pumps for a summery look. Tunic tops look great with leggings, although wearing a top which is too short can be seen as provocative. Leggings can also be worn with a skirt or dress for a soft, layered look.

There are many styles of jeans, from baggy, low-waisted ones to straight-leg and boot-cut versions. Straight-leg jeans should be avoided by those with shorter legs but boot-cut styles suit most shapes. Embroidery and decoration on jeans can add a touch of individuality or glamour to an outfit.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends and make the look your own. You can accessorise with belts and fashion jewellery to dress an outfit up or down. Tops of different colours and textures can be layered for an individual look. Patterns or logos can add a touch of individuality to an outfit and tie-dyeing tops or T shirt printing can be used to create your own designs.

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