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Get Your Steampunk On: 7 Must-Haves For Your Halloween Costume

Get Your Steampunk On: 7 Must-Haves For Your Halloween Costume

Thinking about becoming a mad scientist this Halloween? Maybe a mechanic, Batman, belly dancer or fairy? No matter your costume, you can always get your steampunk on! Steampunk is a growing trend emerging from the depths of the underground. Pair 19th century Victorian, the Wild West, pirates and vampires with the mechanical technology of the steam-powered machine and you get the steampunk.

There's absolutely nothing you can't steampunk. Alice from "Alice in Wonderland," Darth Vader, your favorite X-Men character or a beloved superhero. All you need are some basic items that will turn your common costume into a creative one. While there are many small items that can complete a steampunk costume (pocketwatch, lace or leather gloves and a cloak), there are some pieces you can't overlook:


The quintessential item to accompany a good Halloween costume, steampunk style, is goggles; think the Wright Brothers full-faced aviator style goggles. Add a flip-up magnifying glass or clip on a mini flashlight as a headlight and you have begun your own personal steampunk movement.

Top Hat or Pith Helmet

Top hats and pith helmets sit atop the heads of the people inspired to dress up in this style. Pith helmets are very English and have been seen in history books on soldier's heads during times of war. We also see them casually touring the tropics. Add this piece of headgear to your Halloween costume and you are one step closer to steampunk. For the ladies, a miniature top hat is a stylish addition to your costume. It's a good idea to embellish the hats with gears, broaches, feathers or a bird cage veil.


Men, skip the corset. Stick to a shirt with puffy sleeves accompanied by a waist coat or cloak. But women, don't fear it! Corsets have their positives: They are very flattering because they cinch any extra flesh and they come in leather or/and velvet - guaranteed to make you feel like a lady.


Tall lace-up boots are a common component to the steampunk get-up. Adorn them with metal (clock gears), lace and buckles.


To construct a steampunk costume, you must first deconstruct any old watches you have lying around. Take watches by their insides and turn them out. Their gears, levels and screws are made into jewelry and attached to hats, corsets or boots.


Ladies, that Victorian cameo necklace you've had in your jewelry box can finally come out. Take the charm and attach it to a velvet choker, glue a little lace on for good measure and you have got yourself a classic steampunk accessory.

Ray Gun

Every good Halloween costumes needs a good weapon. Because the steampunk movement merges futuristic sci-fi literature of the late 1800s with a dystopian alternate universe, what better accessory to hold than the elusive ray gun? Build yourself or purchase to a lean, mean laser machine as an accessory to your outfit. Don't get too attached, though. Costume accessories don't ever seem to come home with you.

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